Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Juan Manuel Fangio - Painting

Yesterday the BBC published an article online as part of it's "Formula 1's Greatest Drivers" series... - this week featured Juan Manuel Fangio.

The five-time world champion was described by Murray Walker as,

"the superstar of superstars"

and Ayrton Senna said this of the Argentine,

"What he did in his time is something that was an example of professionalism, of courage, of style and as a man, a human being.

Thankfully here at The Gavin MacLeod Collection we managed to salvage one of Gavin's outstanding depictions of the maestro.

Juan Manuel Fangio exiting Luffield at the 1956 Silverstone Grand Prix

The paintings we have in the archive exist as transparencies, a format which is rapidly becoming outdated and few studios support the format for scanning at ultra-high resolution, suitable for a superb quality print. Thankfully we have such a studio and are able to produce outstanding prints mounted on our unique "fotoblox".

Go to for information on how to buy a Gavin MacLeod Formula One painting.

Post by Alastair MacLeod

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